The X-Fools was a X-Files spoof radio series broadcast in the 1990's. It was made up of 3 minute episodes broadcast 5 days a week which were often used as fillers between other shows. Its main characters consisted of Smolder, Sulky, the Voiceover Guy and Assistant Director Skinhead. Other recurring characters include Dancer Man, Ken (the lab assistant), and Sore Throat.

I created this page in response to fans of the show who contacted me desperately seeking episodes! It used to contain an archive of 89 X-Fools stories collected by fans of the radio series in the belief that these were the only copies and that they would otherwise be 'lost'. On the 18/01/2016 I received a letter from Authentic Entertainment (formerly MCM) the rightful copyright holder requesting I remove the archive and no longer make them available to the public. I have of course complied.

Therefore the aim of this page has changed to provide news of where the X-Fools is being officially published/broadcast (news I hope to receive soon *hint hint* @Authentic)!

Long live the X-Fools!