Amy Letts

Amy Letts is an Artist, Website Designer and Creator of the (ironically) successful comic 'Epic Fail.'

Amy took her first art commission in 1998 at the age of 14 and started designing websites in 2004, aged 20. She has a BA with Honours in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University and has Published her own comic book. She has exhibited across England and been included in several anthologies. She is also an award-winning teaching associate for Women's Health.

As a Website Designer Amy combines her skill at I.T with Art to create websites that are both technically efficient and visually effective. She consults one-to-one with clients and personally works to make their vision a reality.

As an Artist Amy is skilled at painting in a variety of Traditional and Digital Art Media, but excels with Pencils and Acrylics. Her work has included Graphic Design, Portraits, Album Cover Art and Illustration for Books, Comics, a Card Game and an RPG. She does not believe she knows a subject well enough until she can draw it from memory and is constantly working to 'improve the 3D engine in her brain!' She loves vibrant colours and often works with themes of Fantasy, Mythology and Folk Tales.

Her comic 'Epic Fail' is a comedy, fantasy adventure based on Dungeons & Dragons. In a Lord of the Rings-style setting the squabbling heroes blunder through quests and try to keep an adopted Demon child on the straight and narrow. Will they succeed or will they Epic Fail?

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